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The leadership of the YASPC meets shipping agents at the port of Mukalla

The leadership of the YASPC meets shipping agents at the port of Mukalla

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Today, in the office of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Sea Ports Corporation, Eng. Salem Ali Basamer  , an expanded meeting was held with the shipping agencies operating in the port of Mukalla, which discussed the different conditions of shipping work.

The meeting included interventions and observations by the shipping agents regarding stevedoring, the mechanism of time spent by ships at the berths, the delay of ships in the anchorage, the priorities of berthing at the berths, and the new tariffs approved by the Ministry of Transport.

Eng. Basamer  explained his understanding of the remarks made by the shipping agents, stressing that the corporation works according to the mechanism of priority for arriving ships according to their arrival and works on a 24-hour continuous work system due to the increase in activity and the port's limitations, stressing that the corporation seeks to provide possible facilities despite the exceptional situation the country is experiencing.

The meeting was attended by Mr. Fuad Al-Rabaki, Vice Chairman of the Corporation’s Board of Directors, Mr. Saleh Al-Quaiti, the Corporation’s Financial Adviser, Mr. Mohammad Saeedan, the Corporation’s Financial Director, and Mr. Jihad Jawhar, Director of the Corporation's Pavements and Yards, Mr. Fahmy Boujir, Internal Control and Inspection at the Corporation, and Mr. Khaled Bajandouh, Legal Adviser at the Corporation, and Mr. Jalal Ghaith, Director of the Office of the YASPC. The Corporation and Brother Mohamed Barheem, Deputy Director of Pavements and Yards