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tender (4) 2019

tender (4) 2019

Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation announces its desire for general tender (4) 2019, for supplying and operation of (2) diesel generator kw 225 50 Hz silencer with (20) connector, which is financed from following sources:


Those wishing to participate in this tender must submit their written applications during the working hours to the following address:

Arabian Sea Ports Corporation.

Headquarters - Port of Mukalla.

Purchase and warehouse management in the Corporation.

Phone: 00967-5-320632

Fax: 00967-5-320633

Mobile: 000967-771727263


Cost of purchase and receipt of tender documents (15,000) Yemeni Riyals does not Refund.

The last date for the sale of documents is the date: 28/3/2019.

Submission of the tender in an envelope sealed with red wax to the address of the Yemen Arabian Ports Corporation. The name of the Corporation, the project, the tender number, the name of the bidder. and Attached with following documents:

A bank guarantee on your own in accordance with the format of the document in the tender documents ($ 2800) only valid for 120 days from the date of opening the envelopes or a valid check.

Copy of sales tax certificate + valid tax card.

Copy of the insurance card + valid Zakat card.

Copy of the certificate of practicing the profession.

The last day to receive bids and closed envelopes is on Tuesday, 2/4/2019. Bids received after this date will not be accepted and will be returned in their owners.

The envelopes will be opened at the Tenders Hall at the Corporation in presence of the bidders or represented by a signed and signed official authorization.

Those wishing to participate in this tender can see the tender documents before purchasing.