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Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation takes precautionary measures against "Corona virus"

Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation takes precautionary measures against "Corona virus"

Mukalla / Marketing & Media Dept.

An expanded meeting was held at Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation, today morning, discussing the preventive measures that should be taken to examine the crews of ships coming to the port of Mukalla, activating health oversight and providing health safety tools and requiring navigational agents to take some necessary measures while their ships are outside and inside the port.
Eng. Salim Ali Basamer Chairman of the Board of Directors of YASPC, and his deputy Mr. Fwad Alrbaky, stressed the necessity of cooperation and joint coordination in the current exceptional circumstance between the Corporation and the Health Office at the port, the Coast Guard, the Authority for Maritime Affairs and Port Security, the Passport Office at the port and other government facilities present in the port, as well as workers of shipping agencies.
Eng. Basamer confirmed that the precautionary measures will come into effect and that the health office staff at the port are the first people who are entitled to board ships and conduct medical examinations of foreign crews. In case of suspicion, the necessary medical steps will be taken, and the shipping agents should be notified before boarding the crew's medical examination, Promising to provide the necessary medical needs such as masks and health gloves and to create places to clean hands if the need arises.

Dr. Omar Abdullah Bakarshom, Director of the Port's Health Office, delivered an introductory speech on “Corona Virus” symptoms, prevention and current capabilities available to confront “Corona” and areas of the epidemic globally, and the most prominent preventive measures in the Office of the Ministry of Health and Population in Hadramaut Governorate by establishing rapid response teams, isolation rooms, etc., adding the importance of adhering to personal protection from wearing masks and gloves and constantly cleaning hands for ship crews.
The meeting was enriched by discussions and interventions by the attendees, and reviewed the most prominent current challenges and possible ways to prevent and protect port workers as a proactive precaution.