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Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation meets with UNHCR

Yemen Arabian Sea Ports Corporation meets with UNHCR

Mukalla / Marketing & Media Depts.

A meeting was held yesterday at the Office of the chairman of the Board of Directors of the YASPC with Jacqueline Parlevliet, Head of Sub Office Aden and Besim Alaj, Durable Solution Office .

At the beginning of the meeting, Engineer Salim Ali Basamer, Chairman of the corporation welcomed the delegation of the High Commission, Assure the cooperation of the corporation in the humanitarian aspects and facilitating the travel of Somali refugees from the port of Mukalla to the port of Bosasso.

Engineer Basemir explained the service capabilities and legal and administrative procedures at the port, calling for joint coordination between the Commission and the security authorities in order to facilitate the process of traveling refugees without delay.

UNHCR Commissioner Parlevliet confirmed the UNHCR's commitment to follow the usual rules and regulations and the UNHCR's efforts to return the refugees voluntarily to their country, as well as the response received from the corporation and the security authorities at the port, and started the process of transporting refugees through the port of Mukalla at the beginning September.

Besim Alaj reviewed the method used in the port of Aden for the traveling of refugees and the positive aspects in them. He confirmed that the ship is very ready according to the maritime safety standards for passenger transport.

The meeting included questions and interventions on the procedures used to facilitate the joint work between the corporation and the Commission and the competent security authorities, and discuss the weather conditions and marine navigation for suitable periods for the desecration of refugee ships.